Will Writing Solicitors West Midlands

Will Writing Solicitors West Midlands

We are professional Will Writing Solicitors West Midlands who would be glad to help you carefully plan your estate. At some point in our life, we all need to begin the process of writing a will. It is a very important document that should be put in place sooner rather later, as no one knows what the future holds. Eddowes, Perry & Osbourne Solicitors are here to help you prepare your will, taking you through the process step by step in your own time.


The valuable assets that you have worked hard for, need to be protected and go to the people you love if the worst were to happen.  If you do not take the time to make a Will, unfortunately, it won’t be your family that decides where your assets go to, it is the law, which isn’t always to the people you would choose yourself. You don’t need to be wealthy to begin the process, or of a certain age, simply the desire to protect what’s yours and the need to avoid future conflict.

By having a plan in writing, it stops the possibility of family disputes, which is very common when a division of finances is involved. By taking the right steps ahead of time, you can explain your wishes and reasons to your loved ones if you would like to. This is likely to lead them to respect and accept your decisions without room for arguments.

will writers west midlands


As qualified Will Writers, we will discuss your options and help you understand how the process works legally. We have extensive knowledge of estate planning, so we can safeguard your finances and make tax savings where possible. You are in full control of your will, whilst receiving our guidance and information. We carefully plan and clearly record your instructions, in a clear manner, making sure you are kept well informed throughout the process and happy with the outcome.


  • Prepare your will
  • Update your will as required
  • Plan for inheritance tax and care fees
  • Set up lasting powers of attorney for property, finance, health and welfare issues
  • Advise you how best to proceed following the death of a loved one
  • Act as executor, obtain probate and / or deal with estate administration
  • Apply to the court of protection to enable you to manage the affairs of a loved one

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