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If you find yourself in a dispute with a neighbour, a business, or over the contents of a will, then it can be a stressful and confusing experience. Understanding your rights is essential if you are to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

In many cases, disputes may not be resolved between the parties and may require external intervention. Often, this will involve a civil litigation or dispute resolution solicitor. Civil litigation solicitors Birmingham can help people in the West Midlands resolve a dispute and achieve legal redress where necessary.

What is Disputes & Civil Litigation?

A civil litigation and dispute resolution solicitor will attempt to resolve a client’s disputes. They cover a wide range of potential areas of the law, including landlord and tenant issues, debt, professional negligence, neighbour disputes, a breach of contracts, business disputes, and intellectual property disputes.

Debt collection solicitors, property litigation solicitors, a business defamation lawyer, contested wills and probate lawyers, and a commercial debt collection lawyer, all carry out disputes and civil litigation work.

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When someone consults a civil litigation and disputes resolution solicitor they will evaluate the case and advise the client on what steps should be taken. They will assess all of the relevant documentation and how it relates to the law. They will then reach a considered opinion on the client’s prospects of success. If they believe that a claim is not strong enough to win in court, they will urge the client to try and settle as soon as possible. Civil litigation and dispute resolution solicitors issue court proceedings and deal with disclosure and drafting witness statements.

If, on the other hand, the client’s case is strong, they may advise taking the issue to court for resolution. They will then issue court proceedings and make all of the necessary preparations.

Who might use a Disputes & Civil Litigation Solicitor?

Disputes and civil litigation solicitors work with a wide range of clients across a number of different areas of law. Their aim throughout is to seek a satisfactory outcome in disputes for their clients, via advice, mediation, or through the courts if necessary.

People contesting the contents of a will often use a disputes resolution solicitor. Employment law and personal injury claims are also commonly handled by civil litigations solicitors. Other areas where clients may seek the assistance of disputes and civil litigation solicitors include clinical negligence, landlord/tenant disputes, and business disputes.

Why is it Important to Involve a Solicitor in Your Dispute?

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Disputes & Civil Litigation

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