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What is involved in family law?

30 August 2022

Family law is a subset of the law that focuses on issues involving family connections, such as child custody, adoption, divorce and marriage. Family law attorneys can defend clients during hearings in family court or other pertinent agreements, and in addition, they can draught important legal documents like property agreements or court petitions.

Some family law specialists even focus on issues unrelated to divorces, such as emancipation, paternity, and adoption. The topic of family touches on so many facets of life, and as a result, attorneys in the sector assist clients with a wide range of delicate concerns that many people wouldn’t presume fall under the purview of family law.

The legality of trusts, wills, and inheritance laws, deaths, pensions, retirements, and other benefits, as well as the coverage and validity of insurance claims, are other issues that fall within the field of family law.

family law

Types of family law

Private and public work are the two main types of activity involved in family law.

Private cases include conflicts involving parents and their children. These include divorces or separations, decisions on who the children should live with, see, and attend school with, or even if they can relocate to live abroad with one of their parents. Grandparents and other family members may be involved in the situation.

When local authorities take steps to remove children from their parents’ care because they are being harmed in some way, this is referred to as “public work.” A family law judge also handles situations like this, which may result in the adoption of children.


Role of Family Lawyers

Lawyers and solicitors who practice family law deal with matters such as divorce, separation, child custody, adoption, government care orders, and monetary settlements. These include advice on the legal grounds for divorce, the dissolution of a civil partnership, and prenuptial agreements, for example.

Child law attorneys may also work on behalf of parents, children, or local authorities when representing parties in care procedures. Teaching Counsel and accompanying Counsel to court may also be part of the job.

Paternity, sexual and reproductive rights, emancipation, and other non-divorce-related matters may also be the focus of some family law issues.


Helpful terms to know

With its complex jargon, the legal profession can be tough to navigate. The key concepts that are often used in family law have been broken down to make them easier to understand.

  • Emancipation: A legal procedure by which a minor is released from parental custody, adopts adult responsibility for their own welfare, and becomes self-sufficient.
  • Paternity: Origin or descent from a father (to prove a child’s paternity, the biological father must be identified)
  • Alimony: a financial contribution made by one spouse to the other for assistance during or after a divorce or legal separation.
  • Marital Property: During a marriage, any partner may accumulate property that is liable to split in the event of divorce.
  • Prenuptial Agreement: An agreement signed before marriage between a man and a woman giving up any future claims to each other’s property in the event of a divorce or death.


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