How to Choose a Conveyancing Solicitor

07 June 2023

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Choosing the Right Conveyancing Solicitor

Picking the right conveyancing solicitor for you is a crucial aspect of buying or selling any property. Good conveyancing solicitors will guide you through all the legal processes that you need to know about when you transfer ownership of your property. It is also their job to deal with all the legal paperwork, ensuring that it is all filled out correctly and on time. Additionally, they will carry out any necessary searches, and ensure that your transactions are completed in a timely and efficient manner. So, how then, do you decide which solicitors will do all of this and more for you?

We have collected our list of the top 5 things that you will want to look out for when choosing your own conveyancing solicitor.

The Reputation & Experience of Your Conveyancing Solicitor

The first thing that we recommend that you should consider when choosing a conveyancing solicitor, is their reputation and experience.

You want to choose a solicitor who has a proven track record of success and is known for providing high-quality services. A solicitor who has been in the industry for several years and has a good reputation in your local area is an ideal choice. You can also view their online reviews, ask for referrals from friends and family, and do your research before making a decision.

At EPO Solicitors, we pride ourselves on being incredibly transparent with our services and reviews. We were established in 1650 and have years of combined experience in conveyancing. Additionally, you can explore our reviews here!

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Your Conveyancing Solicitor’s Fees

The second thing to consider when choosing a conveyancing solicitor is their fees and costs.

Conveyancing fees can vary widely between every solicitor’s costs. It is, therefore, important to understand exactly what you will be paying for. A solicitor who provides a clear and transparent fee structure, with no hidden costs is the obvious choice.

On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that the cheapest option is not always your best option. Going with the cheapest conveyancing solicitor may leave you paying more in the long run if the solicitor is not experienced or does not provide high-quality services.

At EPO Solicitors, we can discuss any fees or questions you have about residential conveyancing today! Contact our team here to learn more.

Communication and Availability

The third thing that you will need to consider when choosing a conveyancing solicitor is their communication skills and availability.

You need a solicitor who is easy to get hold of, responds promptly to your emails and calls, and keeps you updated throughout the whole conveyancing process.

Look for a solicitor who has good communication skills and is willing to explain the legal process in simple terms. You should also consider the availability of your solicitor. For example:

  • Do they work weekends or evenings?
  • Will they be available to answer your questions?
  • Do they respond outside of office hours?

These are all possible things that you may want to consider when choosing your solicitor.

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Expertise and Specializations

The next thing to consider when choosing a conveyancing solicitor is their expertise and specialization.

Look for a solicitor who specializes in residential conveyancing, as this area of law can be complex and often requires specialist knowledge. A solicitor who specializes in conveyancing will have the necessary expertise to deal with any issues that you may find arise during the transfer process.

Additionally, you may also want to consider a solicitor who has experience in dealing with similar properties to yours, such as leasehold or shared ownership properties. This can be a major factor in the quality of work you receive from your solicitor.

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Technology and Innovation

The fifth thing to consider when choosing a conveyancing solicitor is their use of technology and innovation. You might also want to look for a solicitor who uses the latest technology to streamline their conveyancing processes. This can include online portals for document exchange and digital signatures. A solicitor who uses technology to improve their services may be able to offer a more efficient process, potentially saving your time and money.

Why Choose EPO As Your Conveyancing Solicitor?

At Eddowes, Perry, & Osbourne Solicitors, our solicitors stand out as top-quality conveyancing solicitors for a variety of reasons. These include:

  • Personalized Services: We offer a client-focused service, with a dedicated conveyancing solicitor assigned for each client. This ensures that every client receives a tailored service that will meet their individual needs.
  • Expertise: Our team are highly experienced and knowledgeable conveyancing solicitors who specialize in residential property transactions. They have a deep understanding of the legal and regulatory requirements of the conveyancing process and can provide you with expert advice and guidance.
  • Transparency: At EPO, we provide a transparent fee structure, with no hidden costs or surprises. Our clients receive a clear, upfront quote, and are kept informed of any additional costs throughout their conveyancing process.
  • Communication: Our solicitors place a strong emphasis on communication. We like to keep our clients informed of everything they need to know throughout the conveyancing process. Clients have direct access to their dedicated conveyancing solicitor, who is available to answer any questions and provide updates.
  • Local Knowledge: We have extensive knowledge of the local Sutton Coldfield and Lichfield property markets. We can provide valuable insights and advice to clients about our local areas.
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These factors ensure that every one of our clients receives a high-quality service that meets their needs and requirements. We aim to make the conveyancing process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Choosing the right conveyancing solicitor is an important decision that should not be taken lightly.

By considering the reputation and experience of your solicitor, their fees and costs, and other suggestions discussed earlier, you can ensure that you choose the right conveyancing solicitor for you. Someone who will provide high-quality services and guide you through the legal process of buying or selling a property.

At EPO Solicitors, we have a team of expert conveyancing solicitors who are committed to providing personalized and efficient services to our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your residential conveyancing needs.