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Cohabitation Agreement

22 February 2022

Cohabitation Agreements are constructed as a legal agreement for a couple who are cohabiting with one another but are not married. In some ways, an unmarried but cohabiting couple may be legally perceived as a married couple – when setting out arrangements for assets such as finances, properties, and children, in case of separation or one of you becomes seriously Ill.

Reasons to get a Cohabitation Agreement

As an unmarried couple, you won’t have the same rights as a married couple even if you have children or if you lived together for a while, so a Cohabitation Agreement will help in the long run as well as a Will. In the event of a medical emergency or separation, a Cohabitation Agreement will protect you, your partner and other family members who are involved.

A Cohabitation Agreement can make sure you have access to:

  • Your partner’s pension
  • Your partner’s assets
  • Next of Kin details

Before Going to a Solicitor

Before you go to a Solicitor you will have to bring the relevant paperwork and documents for the solicitor to see. Therefore, you and your partner need to check your assets and work out how you would like your equity to be divided.

Assets usually divided are:

  • Property
  • Investments
  • Pension
  • Savings

Talking to a Solicitor

When you’re going to see a solicitor, they will most likely ask for certain information to gain an understanding of your situation.

When meeting a Solicitor, they will need:

  • The evaluation of both your assets
  • The earnings you and your partner earn annually
  • If you own/rent a property
  • Details of the property – the name on the property
  • If you have any children or not

Most Solicitors normally suggest both partners get advice from separate Solicitors before signing the Cohabitation Agreement individually. This is so you can make sure everything makes sense and secures that you and your partners are protected, and that the agreement is correct.

Costs of this Service

A Solicitor will normally give a rough estimate of the price after assessing your situation for the first time. A Cohabitation Agreement cost can differ by situation and circumstances.


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