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Child Custody Arrangements

18 January 2022

Separation is going to be a difficult time for a child, they will have a range of emotions and won’t always be able to communicate this to their parents. Sadness, anger, frustration, and confusion are all very common emotions for a child to feel. This is why child custody arrangements should be handled delicately with the child or children at the very front of every decision made. Making the decision of where they will live, how much financial support is to be paid, and where they are educated are some of the many considerations for parents and guardians. A child/children who find themselves caught in the middle of a separation or divorce will need and crave stability more than ever which is why along with your family law solicitor will do their best to resolve all issues for the best interests of the child/children.

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How can Family Law Solicitors help?

A family law solicitor can take over many a role within family law including divorce, the chance of name, financial arrangements, and child custody agreements. A family solicitor will gather all documents, evidence, and meditate on your behalf. They are able to represent you in meetings or court to relay your case and come to a child custody agreement that benefits both parties and the child/children. They can advise you on which custody agreement to aim for and they will explain all legal requirements and will take you through the process step by step offering you support and guidance.

The most common child custody agreements  

There are 4 main custody agreements that are available which are sole custody, joint custody, physical custody, and legal custody.

Sole custody

Sole custody falls to one parent with the other parent having limited access, does provide children with more stability and emotional security. If this is the custody you are hoping for it is important to note that one parent (who isn’t living with the child) will miss out on important moments and milestones. This can cause disappointment to not only the children but can cause friction between both parents.

Joint custody

Joint custody comes with its own benefits and challenges. It allows both parents to be present for milestones and allows equal time so relationships with the children are not broken or bent. Many parents opt for a timetable/schedule to indicate where the child/children will be stating who will be responsible for picking the child/children up from school or childcare. At first, children may find this difficult especially if one parent has stayed in the childhood home, introducing a secondary location can temporarily disrupt the stability the child feels especially if this secondary location is further away from friends, school, and places that are familiar to them.

Physical custody

Physical custody is concerned with who the child resides with on a regular basis. It is important to note physical custody can be shared between both parents or can be handed to one parent. You will make physical custody arrangements at the time of the divorce so it is important to think about what is best for the child/children as this decision can affect you and your family later.

Legal Custody

Legal custody is concerned with who will make the important decisions for the children. These decisions include health care, welfare or education. Decisions such as whether to get your child vaccinated and where they will go to school. Sole custody will be given to one parent by a judge if the parents can’t agree upon an answer in regards to their children.


What you can expect from an EPO Family Law Solicitor

Eddowes, Perry, and Osbourne solicitors have been practicing and helping the community for over 360 years. We come highly recommended by our previous clients due to our attention to detail, our professionalism, and overall caring attitude to any problem. Based in Sutton Coldfield, our family solicitors will walk you through this journey making sure we are available around the clock to support you, advise you and provide solutions. We follow a non-confrontational approach to family law as we understand how demanding and traumatic child custody arrangements can be for you and your child/children. We are here to make it as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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