Family Finance Law

Money concerns will often mean that people who no longer want to be married or live together will remain together. Questions of “what will happen to the house?” , “is my pension going to be protected?” are commonly raised. Another major concern for many people is whether their inheritance can be protected.

The basic starting point for all financial resolutions is that there should be 50/50 split of all matrimonial assets; however each case will have its own unique facts and circumstances which may mean that certain assets are not classed as “matrimonial assets” or that a 50/50 division of the assets would not produce a fair outcome. Every case is different, with its own unique elements. We will assess the facts and explain how these are likely to affect the likely outcome.

The terms used during separation can be confusing, such as “clean break”, “pension sharing orders” and “full and frank disclosure”- we will explain what all of these are and what effect they will have on you. We will also guide you through the options available to you and try to reach the very best resolution for you.

Finances affect all areas of family law and sometimes it is inevitable that even once two parties have separated there will be an ongoing connection because of children or jointly owned property- in cases such as these we will try to make the resolution as amicable as possible to ensure that parties can move on with their lives notwithstanding the continuing connection with their former spouse.